In the living room with Astral Swans


Among the different events planned here at ORA we are happy to bring you a music performance this October! The indie, lo-fi, no wave, sludge crooning of Astral Swans will be playing an intimate show in the living room for your enjoyment.

Matthew Swann is a musician from Calgary that is currently touring living rooms across Ontario. Performing tracks from his latest album All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson, for those that would like to familiarize themselves with the album it can be streamed at

The show is on Saturday, October 17, 2015
RSVP on the facebook event at

ORA looks forward to hosting more of these intimate events to bring the music-loving community together. We are working at creating a larger space to accommodate more guest for events like this. It’s been a really trip through history as we remove walls and tear through the multiple layers of  wallpaper.  We’ll apologize for our appearance in advance as some of these renovations are still on going.


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