Cicadas signal a summer update + Live Music!

As the cicadas buzz high up in the trees signaling the half way point to summer we’re reminded that it’s time for a little update. Thinking back to the end of winter and that precious/sweet sap season, it seems like so long ago that we were mumbling the words “will this winter ever end?”. But much like the sap season all good things do come to an end and the seasons change almost right before your eyes.

Spring burst into life with beautiful apple blossoms, tulips, lady slippers and a new crop of vegetables to look after. It also brought us a very special house concert with the musically talented local Ian Russel. As the evening sun poured into the room the cords and rhythms from Ian’s guitar satisfied our thirsty ears. Add in some oyster shucking and  a blazing bonfire to top of a wonderful night, it’s always a treat to open the living room to musicians and share the space here at ORA with great people.

Which brings us to our last update, we’re happy to announce that Rube & Rake are returning for a second show this August. It’ll be an early show followed by a bonfire, unless we still have a fire ban and then we have to settle for a good old kitchen party.

Rube & Rake are a folk/roots duo based out of St. John’s, NL, with a primary focus on creating sparse, stripped down songs. While many performers often look to expand their arrangements, the duo has found the opposite works best for them, allowing their harmonies and delivery of lyrics to come to the forefront. The two members, Josh Sandu (vocals/guitar/banjo) and Andrew Laite (vocals/guitar), have been honing their craft for four years, starting with a two-month cross-Canada tour in 2014.

Having released their debut album “Back and Forth” in November 2017, they’ve had a busy start to 2018. Having toured in the winter, spring, and summer, a recent appearance on CBC television as a feature artist on “Absolutely Canadian”, playing multiple summer festivals in Newfoundland and Labrador and beyond, they’ve curated an evening of music and storytelling worth seeing.

Rube & Rake
Saturday, August 18th
$10 or PWYC
House Concert 6pm
Bonfire 8pm
30914 Hwy 28 East

As always, feel free to bring your own adult beverages, non-alcoholic beverages will be available.

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