ORA is one step from being a self-sustaining property. Besides having supplied hydro service, water and sewage is managed on site. Water is pumped from a well on the property and grey water/sewage is handled by a septic tank/weeping bed system. We ask that all guests please do what they can to conserve water and protect these limited resources. Protect our environment and water supply, please to not dispose of hazardous materials/liquids down the drains or toilets. Information is available if you would like to learn more about these systems.

This is a safe and inclusive space. Discrimination or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Be respectful of the property and the grounds
  • Projects must not be harmful to the surrounding environment
  • Permanent installations must have advanced approval by the property owner
  • Besides water and in season vegetables guest supply their own food and beverage
  • Guest supply their own transportation
  • Smoking inside any buildings on the property or in the forest during fire bans is strictly forbidden
  • No pets please
  • Please respect fellow guests and neighbours and consider your noise levels
  • Guests of residents are welcome but will be charged a fee for their stay
  • Please reduce waste and separate your garbage. Schedules for garbage and recycling and other pertinent information are posted in the kitchen area.