Art + Nature + Music

Imagine for a moment that you happened by some interesting outdoor art installation that filled you with wonder. That was the feeling I experienced as I pulled in the driveway to park by the barn at ORA. It was almost as if a magical tent village had popped up out of nowhere and transformed the grounds into an unsuspected gallery. Knowing the work that went into the week before the exhibit, Nicole and Marie-Christine brought the 123 PARC installation to life, especially for those who witnessed it go up day after day while driving the road to and from town.

The first walk through was honestly like a treasure hunt. Structure after structure, carefully assembled and created using found materials. Panel after panel, stretched to fit the display area and placed curiously well to provide a looped walk through the installation. Silk screen after silk screen, proudly displayed and beautifully printed across the large panels. It amazes me the work we do as artists to get a show together, and I image this one in particular for Nicole and Marie-Christine will be a special one to remember. ORA definitely loves to provide experiences so when an opportunity comes along to host a project like 123PARC it’s difficult not too.

A day of events was planned for Saturday, so I helped Nicole and Marie-Christine with adding the final touches on the installation to prepare it for evening viewing. Despite the chance of a little rain that afternoon, the silk screen demonstration carried on with a few of us trying our hand at printing on t-shirts. It was the first time I had drawn artwork meant for this printing process so one could image my excitement as we squished paint through the screen and then lifted it to reveal a cute owl with ORA on its wing.

As the afternoon continued and the evening light faded, it was an absolute pleasure to gather and chat with friends and acquaintance on the front lawn surrounded by art. It was definitely a scene bathed in warm light which set the mood for the house concert with Ian Russell. If you have a chance to catch Ian play live, it’s easy to say you won’t be disappoint, he is a real talent with the guitar. Having him perform in a space like the living room at ORA is quite honestly a treat for your ears and your soul. These intimate gatherings conducive to listening, storytelling and fun commentary had us entertained an contemplating how music can be like a bird when Ian shared the story of his son naming one of his The Cardinal.

The magic really happened after dark. ORA always enjoys closing out a house concert with a bonfire, but the second viewing of 123PARC lit up and glowing in the night added a whole new dimension. Walking a trail into a forest after dark can bring any number of surprises, but those curious enough to wander through were well rewarded with a genuine experience. The illuminated structures lit the way and then surround you in the clearing where I enjoyed them under the stars, it was a stunning sight that I’m sure everyone lucking enough to view it will remember it fondly.

Thanks to all that joined and helped make the day a success!

If you’re interested in more information about the artists

Nicole E. Schlosser

Marie-Christine Turcotte

L’Atelier Presse Papier artist collective

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